26 December 2010

G.I. Treasure Chest

Government Issued:
Treasure Chest #25

For about three weeks now, I've battled the cold shop of December. My mission was simple. Take some beautiful poplar and make a box for an upcoming event. The organizers offered no limitations. I elected to combine an old ammo can I had laying around with my standard cryptex lock mechanism made from wood. The wooden box is built into the metal container and does not come out unless persuaded with the correct tools.

I wanted a box that could withstand the weather, as I expected January in western NC to be cold and wet. I am also working on unique boxes for a much larger project with a couple of other fellas in my region that will take advantage of large caches over miles of expanse I expect this box will find a home in one of those most secretive of those caches. I'd hate to have this one come up missing given the time and effort expended. I don't see it succumbing to the weather.

#25 because there are 5 disks with 5 different numbers. Right now I have filled them with pennies with different dates. I also have individual numbers and letter which spell any five letter word or incorporate large solution to a complex math problem.

The photos tell a little of the story. Just enough to make you ponder. Enjoy! If you have questions about the construction, reach me via AQ. If you have questions about the location and the solution...hmmmmm.

Parts and Pieces!

Of course, this is the
meat of the locking mechanism

Open! Notice the knob
on the right is pulled away from the side...

Closed! The knob is now tight
and the bolt inside the hole
is now visible

The most simple of locks! The two equal compartments offer plenty of room
for a 3" x 3" stamp and logbook.

Locked and Loaded! The right side offers enough room to unlock it by gently pulling on the knob.
Also has just enough room for a small book of clues.