26 March 2011

Nothing new

Over the last three years, I've built several birdhouse which house letterboxes. My latest is no different. It is a functioning bird domain with a false bottom which is completely isolated from the living space. I have found a way to fully contain the lowering mechanism within the post so there are no visible moving parts for those that come upon it while enjoying nature. Of course, I don't want to spoil the find for you so I won't show you that little secret. This letterbox is located about a half mile from trailhead. Doesn't sound like much but imagine moving a 50-lb, 12-foot long, birdhouse to the location with an 80 lb bag of concrete and water to cure it, AND tools to dig and fill in the hole. And my letterboxing partner suspiciously couldn't make it that morning :)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

If you click on that second photo and zone in you can see how it is the bottom dropped down on a line much better.

So the Rogue ditched you on the day the real work was needed, eh? Hmmm... you didn't pass by a pub on the way there and notice that you "lost" him around that time, did you? Those places can be tricky to find your way back out of. It may not have been his fault, ya know. ;)

Ryan said...

I totally would have made time to help if I'd been invited! ;o)

-- Ryan

Unknown said...

Looking forward to this hunt......

Ain't no letterbox like an X marks the Spot letterbox, cause an X marks the Spot letterbox don't stop!!


DIXIE said...

Thinking of you... and loving this birdhouse! I need one of these babies ;) LOL

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