18 November 2011

A New Batch of Secrets

The Start of Seven.

Good layout in the beginning helps the builder conceptualize the entire project. Got to be accurate or you end up having to make a lot of time consuming and expensive changes as you get near the end.

Evolving diagram as the thoughts of the project flow to the drawing board (literally)

After a little work with the eraser...changing the design in my mind already.

Hopefully this is making you wonder what it is going to be.


Ryan said...

It's a DEATH STAR!!!!! You're building a Death Star! OMG! I told Mama Wolf, "No, I don't think X Marks the Spot would ever build a Death Star"--but I take it back. Yes, he would!!!!

-- Ryan

Unknown said...

*cough* *cough* Death Star?? Ummm... no, of course not!! No reason to cause a panic and spread that rumor either.

Ummm... X, better seal up that hole in the center.

Darth Wolf