16 April 2012

Hobbit house planted

A good friend of mine found a cool spot for the Hobbit house while we were out on a little hike the other day.

Moved nature around a little and...Voila!

Not clearly visible from the trail. There are some unique markers trailside that will make it easy to find.

Once I get my shop set back up in August, I can finish Seven and build another Hobbit house for the west coast.


Aiphid said...

What a great hiding spot for the hobbit house! I really hope that we can make a trip to go see it in person!

Sue KuKu said...

A hobbit house for the west coast?!

Yay!! *Bounce* *Bounce*


Unknown said...

I just love hobbits. This is such a lovely house! I just wish it was closer. *sigh*

The Wolf Family

Papercrafts by Cindyellen said...

You have sooo got to come visit me, Wolfie. . . and I'm going to the Hobbit House in one week!!!!

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