11 February 2010


I truly enjoy reading, viewing, and listening to the works of others on their blogs. Those who I follow inspired me to try to create a site where I can give others a glimpse into the odd world of "X" Marks the Spot creations.

Things I create are often a result of letterboxing, a unique hobby of treasure hunting. We find and collect art work in many different forms. The hunt is always a challenge and I truly enjoy capturing a great image by an outstanding artist, but what I really enjoy is trying to make my boxes unique enough to put a huge smile on the face of the finder when they discover it.

Here's my well known secret...I usually mark my boxes with...an "X". I hope you get a chance to enjoy one soon.



Liz Henderson (Hendel D'bu) said...

So glad you started a blog, my friend! I will most certainly be reading :-)

Unknown said...

AWESOME!! A X blog!!

The Wolf Family

TerraKacher said...

I have seen first hand some of your works, all I can say is "Awesome"!
And now a blog to see what comes next