12 February 2010

New Logbook

Here's some photos of my current logbook. I cut two panels (6 1/4" x 3 3/4") out of 1/4" birch plywood and gently rounded the corners and edges. They are sized to hold 4" x 6" index cards, yet not interfere with the Bind-It-All holes. The wood makes for a very firm surface to stamp on in any environment. I used industrial quality double sided tape to adhere the leather to the wood front and back panels. The blue front and back pages are also taped to the wood, so they can be removed later. They essentially hold the cards and binding to the covers. On the outside, I embossed the front after stamping it first with a black Staz-On ink. The embossing powder has adhered very well. On the binding of the book and back cover, I stamped other images with black Staz-On as well.


Unknown said...

It looks too nice to take out in the wild!! You need to smudge it up a bit with some inky figure prints and dirt.

Now if it ever stops snowing maybe you can get outside and break it in!

The Wolf Family

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Henryjones said...

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