15 February 2010

My Little Shop

Many folks inquire about "the shop". Conjured images of a large, heated spaces with a plethora of professional grade tools prevail. Sadly, the gypsy lifestyle of serving the public prevents me from acquiring, accumulating, and moving unlimited amounts of tools. So I remain disciplined. Some of you might be surprised how quickly one can reach your maximum allowable weight in a government-funded move. As it stands now, my tools add up to over to 1500 lbs of our 17,000 lbs of stuff. I always move them myself with a U-Haul.

I've added some photos of the toys in the shop. The staple is the tablesaw, but the benchtop drill press and ancient sliding compound miter saw see the most action when I am tinkering with letterboxing concoctions. What's missing? Lots! My wish list includes a planer and upgrade to floor models of a drill press and band saw. What you don't see is the vast numbers of hand tools that come into play nearly ever day. Those pictures simply won't fit on this blog.

In one of the photos, you can see how I heat my shop :)

Nothing fancy!


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